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Medicaid Trusts and Special Needs Trusts

By David L. McGuffey, Certified Elder Law Attorney

This document is a work in progress. It may be used for research, but may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written permission of David L. McGuffey, except that no claim of copyright is made on materials quoted in this document. You may contact the author by email at david@mcguffey.net. Mr. McGuffey's mailing address is P.O. Box 2023, Dalton, Georgia 30722. Also, if you would like to contribute material to improve this outline, please contact Mr. McGuffey.

An Introduction to Trusts
Why Protect Assets?
What is Supplemental Security Income?
What is Medicaid?

Trust Formation and Structure
Creating the Trust
Trust Instrument and Essential Terms
The Trustee
Beneficiaries (of Trusts)
Purpose (of the Trust)
Revocation, Modification, Termination
Spendthrift Provisions
Discretion and Distribution Standards
Construction (Construing the Trust)

Funding the Trust
Funding, Generally

Trust Administration
Administration, generally
Administration and Investments
Investment Decision-making process
Income and Principal
Declaratory Judgment
Distributions, generally
Trust Ownership of a home
Distributions to family members

Medicaid Trust Rules
Trust Rules, generally
Self-Settled Trusts, generally
Third Party Trusts, generally
Income Only Trusts
Special Needs Trusts
Pooled Trusts
Sole Benefit Trusts
Funding Issues Associated with Special Needs Trusts
Distributions from Special Needs Trusts
SNT Accounting

More Coming soon......

Eligibility for Veteran's Aid and Attendance

Tax Issues


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Diagram of a Special Needs Trust
Section 2346 from Georgia Medicaid Manual: Special Needs Trusts
HMS Trust Review Unit
Program Operations Manual System
What Trial Lawyers Need to Know About Special Needs Trusts

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